What should Men do to dress better?


Most men fail to dress with style because they have the wrong approach. 

  • Trying to develop your style based on reading a bunch of blogs? WRONG approach
  • Trying to dress like people in magazines? WRONG approach
  • Listening to your mother/girlfriend, or even other guys? WRONG approach

If those methods worked, more guys would dress well.
Unfortunately they don’t. And it’s a shame.
As a man you need to dress well to convey confidence and power. Dressing like a schlub makes you appear weak to both girls, AND other important people in your life (like bosses).
So what should you do instead?
Drop your comments on what you should do to dress better.


  1. Make sure you clothes and don't let clothes wear you:By this I mean wear clothes that actually FIT. Loose fitting shirts, trousers and jackets make you look sloppy and down-trodden. ‘Down’ being the operative word. Experiment with different designers to find a trimmer fit that works for you, or find a good tailor to work with.


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