Tips on Mastering Skills


Every action of learning starts with your hearts determination. There is no such word as, “I cannot learn”, or “I cannot know it”. With the way every individual have been structured, you can master over a million skills, trade or knowledge. In order words you have the ability and capability to learn anything, but the problem people constantly face is the ability to sustain the interest in whatever they are learning or have learnt. Psychologists advise that, whatever an individual chooses to learn, there must be an interest from the learner, why? This will help fasten the process of learning and ensure that he/she doesn’t give up along the way.

For emphasis, you should understand that, there is nothing that you are incapable of doing, but first, you must learn it, either consciously or unconsciously. Everything starts from the seat of your mind; the mind is receptive only if you allow it. What this means is, you cannot just cut your head open and put all the books and knowledge, then close it back; your eyes, hands, ears and even mouth have a huge role to play alongside with your brain. Survey has shown that people use only very limited of their brain’s storage capacity in a life time, whereas the brain is more intelligent than a computer?
There are active factors that should be present if we truly want to use our mind to full capacity, but these are not the limits;
§  Determination: determination in this context is not just having a positive view to difficult things; it is more in-depth than that, it takes a conscious exercise of your will, mind and ability. You need focus only on positive energy, and overlook the possible obstacles that you feel may come in-between your zeal to learning. Determination can mostly be proven by actions; a determined man is one who faces his fears, he may not overcome, but determination lies where he doesn’t loose faith in himself, where he keeps trying, where his mind is made up to actualize his objectives
§  Motivation: motivation is quite different form determination but both still gear you towards achieving your goals. In this context, while determination has to do with a strong will, motivation is encouraging your inner strength to keep learning. Even when you feel discouraged, it is helping you see the bright side of things. You can always motivate yourself with a present or future reward, with benefits you will derive after learning a skill.
§  Enthusiasm: the enthusiasm factor pushes you to want to learn, it increases your zeal and apt for knowledge. An enthusiastic mind, will want to research more beyond what he/she already knows, try to study ahead, will be eager to learn and readily available to be teachable. It more like one who is thirsty, all they’ll want is to drink water. This is exactly want happens, it is a drive that pushes you to want to know everything to even the minutest detail of things
§  Time: for whatever your interest is, you should dedicate your time to it. Time is relevant is success building, you cannot expect to be advanced in a skill that you do not have time for. Even if you’ll have to sacrifice, go an extra mile, let your time be consumed by what you want to do.
§  Practice: no one can ever stop learning; you need to keep practicing whatever you have learnt. Practice helps you develop on a previous knowledge, you learn new things, improve on your skill. Practice is like a vehicle that drives you to your destination.
§  Teachable mind: there is no one who learns faster than someone who is ready to be taught, than one who accepts that he doesn’t know, the mind of such a person will be open to learning. A teachable mind is a humble mind that can be easily taught. Not minding the age, background, looks or stature of the teacher. Pride can act as an obvious hindrance to learning. To learn any skill of your choice your mind should be open to learning.
§  Concentration:Have you ever experienced a situation where you are trying to recall an event, date or time something happened? And probably you were engrossed in something else, but the time you pause and really think about it again, you get the correct answer to your question? Think about it, relate it with something that has happened before, anytime you try to recall something, with your full attention, you end up getting it. It is the same thing as when you are learning. Your body and soul should be 100 percent present and active. Mind wandering can cause distraction. It is a conscious effort to be in control of your thoughts in that moment. Learning with high concentration is very effective. You can understand, easily recall and apply your knowledge easily.


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