Stories that Touch: Mary’s Ordeal


Please note that the name & location of our source have been altered for security reasons. 
This is what Mary has to say:
“Hi Aprokomag and readers.  I am Mary from the southern part of Nigeria this is my story. From age eight, I lived with my mum and step dad,  after my dad travelled out of the country.  My step dad would call me to his room whenever my mum was not around and threaten to kill me,  if I told anyone what he was doing. Then he will bring tape to seal my mouth,  cane, koboko and belt.  He would flog my bare skin countless of times without me doing anything to offend him.  He was always very excited anytime he flogs me. I’d have bruises all over, whenever my mum asks, he’ll say I stole his money, wristwatch or any of his possessions. They will quarrel over beating me, but my step dad will tell her that she is spoiling me. At first he just flogs me. But one certain day, he called me to do the normal ritual, I was already shivering with fear. I wanted to kill myself his eyes was unusually scary, he flogged the hell out of me I was almost dying, then he raped me. 
I know you would ask where my mum was? She worked with an agency that allows her to travel for months. I became so timid, afraid, I ran out of the house because it was more than hell living in the house. I was already 15 by this time. I begged someone and I called my mum’s number, it was unreachable, I called my aunt and narrated all to her, she came to were I was the next day and took me to her home. 
News came later that my mum had died in a ghastly motor accident. I started living fully with my aunt. She loved me so much, but after a while things changed. She would maltreat me, starve me, at times I’ll miss school. She had a supermarket then, so most times I alternated with the sales girl. My older cousin continued from where my step dad stopped. But without flogging me. He had tried one night to rape me, but he didn’t succeed. If I told my aunt what her son was doing, she would kill me or drive me away from her house or so I thought. 
I struggled out of being raped by my cousin until one faithful day, my cousin had his way. He had planned with his friends from school, so that they can take turns. I had a bad feeling that day, something was telling me to run from the house, but I just disobeyed. He came with his group of friends about seven, and they all raped me, one after the other. It was well planned, I screamed so loud but no one could hear me. I was bleeding and even fainted, my cousin and his friends dumped my body in the bush. One kind woman and her family saved my life. I am living fine, but still broken. I just  people to hear my story. My dad is still no where to be found. I hate my dad, because he is the cause of all these. I don’t know, now I am 18 but it feels like yesterday. “


  1. I feel sad hearing such news. This lady has to see a psychologist, she mustn't grow with this hurt, else a wrong mentality will be carried for life. This is nice aprokomag, keep it up!

  2. She URGENTLY needs someone to guide and guard her else she'll see everyone else through her spectacle of hurt!!!

    This is the bedrock of "generational" hurt in marriage!!!

  3. woow!!!! deep. This is a forever to remember experience. so painful!! I feel for her . Some of us who didnt even experience something as bad as this, still have a beclouded mentality towards men.


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