Starting Small


People generally believe that small businesses are a waste of time; some others think they reflect small income or small economy, but this is far from reality. We forget that big economies, business empires, and big time brands all started from a “scratch”. It is foolish to say, “Because I do not have the dream cash to start my dream business, I cannot start anything at all”. One thing we must understand is; opportunities do not wait for you to be fully ready, it only expects that you must be ready when it comes. If an opportunity comes to you when you are not available it simply goes to the next person ready to accept it.  The idea of starting small is the same. Starting small does not mean that you will not expand beyond your initial start; it does not mean you are limiting, but it allows you as a start up business man to grow, gain experience, learn the risk involved in every decision or actions you take. Many businesses never pass the dream stage because the dream owners refused to start; they believe that before they can set up anything it should be able to cover a large expanse of demography.

A techno-preneur, who believed so much in his abilities, designed a robotic machine. When he first designed it, his friend advised that, he takes this design to technology research institute in Florida. However, this guy wouldn’t listen to his friend because he believed that, he needed a particular amount of money, he should get a good degree and also be 28 before he unleashed it to the world, but it was only six months later that a guy from New York designed that same robot, the exact replica of the one in Florida, having done that, he didn’t just keep it to himself, he made it public. One surprising thing about these guys is the one waiting for certain factors to be met first, did not get the recognition as the owner of the idea, but the one who took the risk to announce. All you may just need is an extra step to get into limelight
It is not a bad idea for you to dream big, have high hopes, have great plans, but do not forget that you are not the only one dreaming the same dream, don’t take too long, if not, someone else will realize your dreams. We can derive that it is a good thing for someone to have sound ideas, be able to come with solutions, but once these ideas cannot be implemented then it is a huge problem. What this implies is that your skills should be able to meet the needs of others. Starting small is telling yourself and the world that, “I am ready to grow, get bigger offers, be better,
and stronger. I am ready to learn, manage risks, and determined to be successful. I want to take these limited resources and in the future terms turn it into an unlimited one. But I want it now, that’s why I am doing this, and I can’t afford not to be living my dreams”. You may not want to start small, but it is unacceptable that you do not start at all.

What is your opinion on starting small?



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