Sex Doll Saga: What is your Opinion?


There is an issue of controversy, jealousy or should we say intimidation raised among Nigerians on different social media platforms concerning  sex dolls that were invented to satisfy men’s sexual desires.

While some of our respondents believe the sex doll thing is a great invention, others say using it is unacceptable and insane. Aprokomag is delightful about this issue and here are some of the opinions of people about using a sex doll:
One of our respondents chooses “sex with a woman all the way.  I can talk to her, she can respond and we can explore. Sex with a sex doll is the same as sex with a dead person”. From a moralist point of view, “having sex with a non living thing,  is equivalent to madness. Here is a doll that cannot express feelings of acceptance or rejection. Is that one sex?
In sheer rejection, a pharmacologist is opinated that, ” Sex dolls cannot give the beautiful sensation you get from a human“. He says sex is more than cumming  and there is a certain kind of pleasure  he calls ‘heavenly’ that no robot can give. Taking this issue to a spiritual level,  during sexual intercourse there is “energy exchange”, exchange of auras.  Certainly, some spirits have been invoked into them (obviously foul spirit). This whole thing is not scriptural, they are signs of the end time. 
Another respondent believes the sex doll issue is a beautiful invention especially for those gigs that really can’t chase a woman. In objection to this, a media specialist says “this kind of invention is going to affect man in many ways. How safe is it to have intercourse with a machine?  Are the manufacturers selling it for such outrageous amount going to help their customers with the clean up after every intercourse? Truth be told it is demeaning as a human to settle for a doll because you cannot man up and woo yourself a woman. There is just no justification“.
Speaking on its effect,  another media specialist explains how the perception of men will change.  There will be difficulty in connecting with the opposite sex,  a user of sex doll can never get sexual satisfaction from a woman.  It is only those with spiritual or psychological problems that will go for this – the obsessed and sex addicts. However, disregarding the effects,  some others prefer sex dolls because “there is no need for control pills or using condoms. The sex doll won’t give you excuses,  but give you satisfaction,  any style you want and anything at all just to make you happy”.

Now men argue that when rubber dick and vibrators came out, no one said anything, why is sex doll a major concern to everyone now? “The idea is,  ladies who have only sex to offer in their relationship are the ones panicking about this issue.  The ones who would go to any length just to get money from sex,  or manipulate men with sex. They now feel they have a rival,  LMAO!“. In the same light,  a Sex Therapist attributes this outrageous concern to low self esteem. The women being intimidated by sex doll are those who do not have a lot to offer. “So the moment they heard they heard that there was a lifetime #800,000 payment for a sex machine,  they were basically upset(like our market have fallen)”. 

But however “women should not be bothered about the sex doll saga… It’s just a phase that will pass“.  Not many Nigerians  will be able to afford this, and not many of us will be willing to have sex with a machine “when olosho for area is just #500″. Sex dolls can’t replace the role of a woman in a man’s life and the men know that. Right now they are just enjoying the way it’s getting women worked up…it makes things interesting. There are male sex dolls too but they are not getting as much attention as the female sex dolls. It just proves that women are unique.  Robots can’t replace Humans. 

What is your own opinion on this issue? Tell us what you think on the comment box…


  1. I just can't believe a woman would want to compete with a sex doll, when it just have one incomplete feature of her. A woman is worth more than asexual machine…just saying

  2. sex dolls are for d dulls…they can't actually replace women yeah they sex you but they can't give no care n love…they can't give you the actual attention you need…so to them guys thinking they are free from women think again…sex dolls are jst equal to sex toys

  3. Its a wonderful innovation,i like the business sense , people are entitled to their own opinions and lifestyles ,if someone feels a sex doll is going to give him satsifaction,why not ? With women sex starving some men ,it could be the next best thing for sexual satisfaction and very useful in population control .


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