Self Added Worth : Just Create a Better Version of Yourself

Exercise : .Take a sheet of paper,  write five things you don’t like about yourself.
Write five things things you like about your self,  write five things you want to improve on.  Do this after you read this article,  be true to yourself

 Self Assessment Questions: 
Do you think your friends or partner enjoy your relationship with them as much as you do?  Why? 
What is your attitude towards life,  achievements?
Do you have life goals? 
What steps have you taken or currently taking to meet these goals ?

Now Read!  

Many individuals are concerned about what they’ll gain from others, perhaps in a love relationship, friendship, partnership, family bond or acquaintanceship. But the question we must ask ourselves is, “what do I have to offer?” 
Parasitic relationships is what many of us are involved in, we live practically  on one or more persons and yet feel as the most important person in the relationship. Any relationship without mutual benefits from the parties involved, any relationship that solely depends on one partner, any form of friendship that one has to thread on egg shells, feel subjected to his / her partner,  feel inferior or hand cuffed is what I refer to as a parasitic relationship. Where one party is over advantaged than the other.  But note that this does not include cases of care givers and their wards.
When you ask single persons to tell you the kind of person they want to marry,  They’ll have a list of qualities the person must posses- must be god fearing, good looking, rich, handsome, intelligent, industrious and a million others. But then, it is also important to be that person you want to have as a partner. It is beyond just wanting a perfect person. You have to attract what you want. An unknown author says, “like minds attract”. So have you considered trying to be the ideal kind of guy or lady that will attract the kind of business partner you want badly, the kind of life partner you dream of, the kind of brother/sister you wish you had?
Ladies, you want a rich guy, yet you are so lazy, you can’t create an income for yourself. You just have to worth something, anything. Self Worth is not just about being confident in yourself, its not being egoistic about what you are not. It is more about a self added value, say, more of your financial, intellectual,  moral and innovative status.
What adds up to self worth?
The way you talk, how you respond to issues. The little ways you attend to challenges is what makes up your chacter, whether you are positive or negative, it affects your self worth.
Skills & Expertise

Another ingredient that boosts your worth is your skill and expertise in your field. carve a niche for yourself in an area you can specialise in. Be good! Just be good, even aim for the best.
Attitude & social life

Your attitude towards life, towards work, social issues, even your environment plays a symbolic role in increasing your value. Do you see life positively, do you see every minute of the day as an opportunity to be harnessed? No matter how little a work is, if you see it as a big deal, you’ll go places. Are you the type that avoid social issues, social gatherings, interactions, parties? You can meet people who are ready to invest. showcase you work, always channel your discussions to a business angle. Let people know you as “good in what you do”. All these little things matter.
Income & Investments

Another major contributor to a person’s self worth is the amount of income or financial returns he gets,  the amount of time, money,  energy and dedication he gives to get more income(investment). It’s one thing to get,  but it’s another thing to get more,  to get more,  you’ll have to give  to get. Many people are quite satisfied and forget to invest. Good Investment is one sure way to add to your net worth. Others includes reasoning, life goals- the kind of goals you set in life,  on a long term plan can add to your value,  zeal, habits – make the best your habit.
Don’t base your worth on illusions. You may think you worth a whole lot,  when in fact,  it’s quite little. But if you take time to genuinely do an X-ray,  you’ll get insights on where to improve or erase,  
Again,  just be the best. Give someone an improved version of yourself this season as a gift (winks).
Now, do the exercise…
Tell us other things that can improve an individual’s worth on the comment  box. Share your thoughts and ideas. 

Question of the day… 
What will you do if you have friends,  relations or a partner that acts as a parasite, they don’t add anything than just to take from you ?


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