Cbee, born Ejiro Dominic is a fast rising Nigerian Hip-Hop artiste. Born on May 3rd 1997, Cbee has been gaining a lot of buzz lately following his viral Instagram freestyle videos that has gotten cosigns from the likes of Ola Dips, and Mr 2Kay. Presently studying Accounting at Obafemi Awolowo University, we at AprokoMag decided to catch up with this trending talented rapper. Enjoy!

*AM: How did your journey into music start?

CBEE: Well it’s actually a funny story, so try your best not to laugh. I actually started rapping to get girls. That was in JSS3. Girls used to whisper about all my friends that were rapping then (laughs), so me sef join the train. Back then, everyone was doing Lil Wayne, so I just said let me listen to Eminem and GBAM!!!!! That’s when it became deeper than just rap….it became a lifestyle.

*AM: Lol, chasing a passion like music and blending school can be difficult. How’ve you been able to balance both?

CBEE: I won’t lie and say I don’t care about school. Nah man. Mum has put a lot on the line for me. So I just prioritized school till my final year (this year), then I talk say no oh, enough is enough. Music is what I want to do. Everyone gats make choice na, at some time.

*AM: With the buzz you’re generating from your freestyles online, have you been approached by any label for a record deal?

CBEE: Yeah. Two actually, but let’s face it, record labels (except the big ones) are modern day trap for upcoming artistes, so the deal determines if I will accept. Imagine the first guy that approached me said I should switch to Yoruba! (Laughs) The bros try. And was telling me it’s a five year deal. Come on…na football contract?

*AM: Haha, it’s evident you’re a very talented rapper, but did you expect the kind of buzz you’ve been getting from your freestyle videos?

CBEE: Well if I say yes, I would sound proud. But yes I did. Because I’ve been lowkey in Ile-Ife where I school. Gone for so many shows and battles that people all seemed to like and go crazy for. So I just knew that people needed to hear me. That was all. The ones that like it will. But I didn’t expect the number of views I got on @rilimillz page….massive for me.

*AM: You’re still quite young, still at a phase where different career paths are still open, in the long run is it still gonna be the music?

CBEE: Yes oh. Music or I become a Reverend Father. Okay, they’ll probably not allow me. I’ll strongly have my own business though.

*AM: How supportive have your parents been about your music?

CBEE: Well for the most part, very supportive. They, like most parents, are just more concerned about education.But men, that education parole is a long thing sha. Mum if you’re reading this, this is not my handwriting oh.

*AM: Lmao. Which artistes, both foreign and local, do you look up to?

CBEE: Eminem! Eminem!! Eminem!!! I also respect Royce, Hopsin, J Cole, and Drake. Then locally; Boogey, Blaqbones, Olamide, Wizkid, Simi, Sugarboy, and DML. You may not know him now, but you will soonest.

*AM: I’m sure I’m not the only one wondering, where’s the project, that EP or tape?

CBEE: Well right now, I have about six unreleased songs. All I’m waiting for is the funds. So if there are sponsors reading this, please help me help us make money.

*AM: You’ve been playing at gigs lately, which has been your most memorable, and why?

CBEE: Well a lot actually. Invasion at Amphi Theatre in Ife. People didn’t want me to leave. And also Sky Bar in Ile-Ife. They sprayed me. And finally, all the times I’ve been to Club Joker in Benin City.

*AM: Wow! On a lighter note, tell us, your top five rappers, dead or alive!

CBEE: Eminem, Hopsin, J Cole, Royce Da 59 and Drake.

*AM: When it’s time for a studio session, what runs through your mind? Like how do you basically make music?

CBEE: Well, my mindset now is to kill anything I’m on. So when I hear the beat, I think up a concept that fits the beat, and say what I want to say. When you do it that way, every punchline you want to drop falls in place. Don’t stress it. Just think wide. That’s how I believe it’s done.

*AM: Which producer do you look forward to working with?

CBEE: Internationally, though it’s a long shot; Eminem, J Cole, Dr. Dre. Locally, Sarz, Legendury Beatz, Pheelz and ofcourse, don’t know if you know of this hot producer now, Semzi. Someone is helping me work his connect. Hopefully I should. The boy is sick.

*AM: What is it like been an independent artiste?

CBEE: Well, I can’t say it’s easy. Na you go carry yourself go studio. Na you go book appointment, carry yourself go show. Omo na stress. But the music is the only thing that comforts me and that’s why I keep moving.

*AM: What other things do you have in store for us next year? What should your fans expect?

CBEE: (Laughs) Your heads will still be blown off this year. I promise!

*AM: Any words for your fans out there?

CBEE: Thanks for supporting me and thanks to everyone reposting my videos. God bless you all abundantly. And to the haters, God bless you too (yimu).

Thanks for your time Cbee, we’ll meet at the TOP!

Follow him on Instagram: @kvng_cbee



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