Exclusive Interview with Marvin: A rising Nigerian Hip-hop artiste

Fast rising Nigerian hip-hop artiste,  Osadebe,  Chukwunoso Marvin,  also known as Marvin (Omo Ibo)  is a Talented rapper whose music in no time will get a foothold in the industry. The Lagos born, in an exclusive interview with aprokomag was driven by M.I to take bigger steps in his music career, he is not just a musician,  but a mass communicator who understands his audience and line of music. 
Here’s what he has to say
Aprokomag: Tell us a little about your background 
Marvin- My full name is Marvin Chukwunonso Osadebe. I’m from Delta State, but was born and raised in Lagos. I have a degree in Mass Communication from Delta State University.
Aprokomag: That’s pretty cool, but then how was your life like while growing up?
– Oh, it was hard. I’ve always been a nonconformist, so it was quite hard fitting in, but everything soon became pretty much regular.
Aprokomag: A hard life makes a person stronger and ready to conquer the world, the world is a funny place, but we don’t get to laugh at it. If I may ask,  what’s funniest question you’ve ever been asked
– Hmm, I can’t recall. There are just too many!
Aprokomag: Okay, but this question  am going to ask, you definitely would have to recall oo(smiles). So Marvin, What got you into music?  Not your fine looks I guess
– Funny,  am I handsome?  Not that definitely, I’ve always had an unusual interest in music, ever since I started thinking. Everything just happened naturally. But what really inspired me to come out fully was one particular MI Abaga’s live performance. Watching him play that night just gingered me to get to work.
Aprokomag: That’s a lot of ginger o where’s the garlic? If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing right now? 
– Probably be a manager, PR, or record label executive. It still has to be connected to showbiz.
Aprokomag: hmm money matter?  You’  really are Omo Ibo. If you were given the opportunity, which musician would you love to collaborate with?
– I’ve got so many – Odunsi The Engine, Swae Lee, MI, Burna Boy, Ycee, Santi, and a whole bunch of others in my head.
Aprokomag: Just before I forget,  we know you’ve released top notch songs,  like  best friend, change, back stage freestyle,  salamalekun,  but about your first single this year,  what inspired you to sing ‘high’ though we’ve only heard the demo.
– The beat, basically. I just loved it from the first listen, and felt a concept of partying would be perfect for it. I wanted to do something relatable and so, the hook came about.
Aprokomag:  we are so anticipating the release. Okay now,  you’ve got to  do something for us,  would you choose free food for life or free flight tickets for life?
– Haha, food definitely. I wouldn’t trade food for anything. Besides, who flight tickets help?
*You must be a foodie, Aprokomag would chose adventure over food though. Well, on a scale of 1-10 tell us your best songs
– I can’t really pick a particular song, but I love whatever sounds good. 
*Aprokomag : Are there any future projects/plans you’re dropping?
– Yeah, I’m dropping my debut project sometime this year. It’s a mixtape titled ‘All Things Personal’. But there will be a few singles out before then.
Aprokomag *What message do you have to give your fans
– Thanks for supporting the brand. I can’t thank everyone enough. God bless you.
You can listen to Marvin’s songs on 
Social media handles: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @ogamarvin
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